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Irish Medical Journal

Since its inception in 1867, the Journal of the Medical Association of Ireland and now in its present format, the Irish Medical Journal, has provided the medical community in Ireland with an invaluable service. As one of the leading biomedical publications in Ireland, it has sought to continue the education of medical students and postgraduates through scientific research, review articles and updates on contemporary clinical practices while providing an ongoing forum for medical debate. A measure of our stature is that we are listed in the Index Medicus and issued annually with a citation factor from the Institute for Scientific Information.

As a general medical journal, the IMJ seeks to represent every facet and domain of the medical profession. In this respect, we rely on the medical community to inform us of any successes and advances in their particular fields, their grievances, their hopes for the future and ultimately ways of improving patient care. Education is a two way process and we are dedicated to improving the content and scope of the IMJ.

The IMJ is more than just a medical journal. It is part of the fabric and culture of medicine in Ireland. We want it to be not only educational but also enjoyable to our readers. Any subjects or topics which impinge on medicine or which you feel are of interest to the medical community, we openly welcome.

We appreciate contributions from every quarter! Original papers, short reports, case reports, letters, reviews, observations, criticisms, conference reports, clinical news, and not least medical musings.

So start writing today!

For further information and address for submissions:

Dr John FA Murphy
Irish Medical Journal
10 Fitzwilliam Place
Dublin 2
M Patton, FRCP

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